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Programmers were the original web page designers in the early 1990s. Currently most web designers come from a graphic artist background in print, where the artist has absolute control over the size and dimensions of all aspects of the design. On the web however, the Web designer has no control over several factors, including the size of the browser window and the size and characteristics of available fonts.

Web Design

A web site is your online presence on the virtual world. User-centered design is an imperative for media-rich Web sites. Images, animations, video, and audio all come with significant overhead for the user.

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Web Promotion

In the big world of dot com just putting up a website is not enough unless it is backed with proper powerful marketing plan. It is fruitless till the site is not visible to the targeted market segment. No one will know about your website till it is listed in search engines on top positions or you advertise on web for that. But, with the help of Prudential India Website Promotion through Search Engine Optimization, you can have fully optimized website with your targeted market segment catching on to it as soon as 3 months from the date of your subscription.

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Web Maintenance

Why would chose us for your website maintenance ?

  • Frees you up to run your business instead of spending numerous hours learning how to maintain your site

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Website Redesigning

Web Re-engineering means re-conceptualization and re-designing of the existing website and application services. Ideal way to portray your company’s brand and USP is by keeping in tune with the latest cutting edge technology offerings. Technology updation is possible to bring in more interactivity and dynamic abilities.

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